Prof. dr. Nick van Dam, Founder & Chairman of the Board

Nick founded e-learning for kids because "one of the most powerful applications of the internet is the opportunity to deliver high quality digital education – which are designed to enhance the effectiveness of learning for a new generation of children. We have the duty as a society to provide all children around the world with the best learning solutions to be successful in their lives. It is the dream of the people of the e-Learning for kids Foundation to make this a reality."

Nick is partner,  Global Chief Learning Officer for McKinsey & Company and Professor Corporate Learning & Development at Nyenrode Business University. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education and visting professor at Harvard. He is an internationally recognized consultant, author, speaker, and thought leader on learning & development and has published a number of books including: 'You! The Positive Force in Change.' ( 2015,  ‘The e-Learning Fieldbook (2004) and ‘Next Learning Unwrapped (2011). He is holding several degrees: B.Ed., Economics & Education; MA, Organization Sociology and Ph.D., Human Capital Development from Nyenrode Business University, Breukelen - The Netherlands. Under the patrons of the European Parliament Federal Ministry of Education & Research, he received the ‘2013 Leonardo European Corporate Learning Award’ for 'Shaping the Future of Organizational Learning and Leadership Development.' He is a board member of: edX, ICEDR and the AACSB.

Contact: [email protected]

Drs. Pieter Boelens, Board Member

Pieter functions as COO of Evodos ( ). Pieter studied Econometrics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. After his study he started working at Accenture: a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Pieter worked for Accenture from 1988 till the end of 2008 in various positions and became partner in 2001. During his career he was responsible for the banking business and outsourcing sales in the Netherlands and the customer relationship management business in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Pieter initiated several education initiatives in the Netherlands such as the introduction of the ‘Teach for America’ model in the Netherlands.

Contact: [email protected]

Drs. Quinten Fraai, Board Member

Quinten studiedbusiness management and marketing at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands and Clemson University, Clemson SC, USA. For his thesis he researched the internal communication processes at Non Profit Organizations. After his studies, Quinten joined ING Group, a global financial services company. He held various positions in the Netherlands before he moved to the United States in 2000, where he was one of the founding builders of ING Direct US. ING Direct was a global direct bank which launched new build businesses in large mature markets to provide simple online banking products and an outstanding customer experience. In 2003, Quinten joined the ING Direct UK team to build up the business there before he moved on in 2006 to become the Co-CEO for ING Direct Japan and build a business there as well. In 2008 he joined the ING Bank Belgium organization to create and implement the digital agenda and ready the bank for 21st century customer expectations. Here he lead the team that provided the new ATM’s and ATM user interface, the new website, a new online banking user interface and the first mobile application for ING Bank Belgium. In 2013 he joined the Belgian insurance business of ING, as their CEO and to carve it out of the ING Bank Belgium organization. This entailed setting up a new, autonomous and client focussed, digitally ready insurer for NN Insurance Belgium. During his various roles Quinten joined various supervisory boards. Amongst them the board of the insurance sector organization Assuralia in Belgium where he headed the communication commission and the supervisory board of NN Insurance Luxembourg, which he chaired. Throughout his career, Quinten has worked on the cross-section of customers, markets and technology. His affinity with technology allowed him to bridge business requirements, customer needs and technology to provide better customer experiences. This keen interest in digitalization and the realization that one of the most powerful weapons against poverty and conflict is an educated mind, has sparked an interest in online education for the under privileged. He is proud to join the E-Learning for Kids organization and ready to help it achieve its ambitious objectives of providing dreams.

Contact: [email protected] 

Prof. dr. Wim Veen (em), Board Member

Wim started teaching in several African schools on a one-year trip being a student in human geography. He then realized that education was one of the most powerful weapons to overcome poverty and ignorance. Once graduated in 1974, he taught in the Netherlands, and started teaching in teacher education at the Utrecht University. He was involved in curricular reforms serving the National Curriculum Institute, and became a pioneer in implementing ICT in education. He did his PhD in Education addressing the issue of adopting new technologies in regular teaching processes in schools. He participated in numerous national and EU projects on ICT enhanced learning, creating a research group on ICT and Education. He published five books on this issue and many other publications. He joined Delft University of Technology in 1999 where he was responsible for an institutional innovation program in education, and educational services for Delft staff members.  He directed an online school for drop-outs aiming at reintegrating those who were left behind by the regular education system. He taught corporate learning at Delft University and conducted with his students research on how companies try to innovate their learning in academies across Europe. He is a well-known consultant and speaker in the Netherlands and in the EU, both for regular education and the corporate sector. His book on how new generations growing up with new technologies, called homo zappiens, will change education, have had worldwide attention, and translation in 4 languages. Together with his PhD students he is currently researching the concept of personalized learning, and models for teaching in non-formal education. As an ambassador of the Leonardo Corporate Learning Awards he met Nick van Dam and was invited to become a board member of E-learning for Kids. 

Vicki Cerda, Director of Communications and Outreach

Vicki supports the communications area with its responsibility to ensure that the right message is delivered across any medium to our varied audiences. Her role includes reaching out to current and prospective partners, sponsors and supporters and conference planning.

In addition to her volunteer work at e-learning for kids (and for the American Society of Training and Development), Vicki is a learning and training consultant with over 20 years of experience in planning, designing, developing, implementing and evaluating blended solutions. Prior to this, she was a Training Management Specialist at Florida Power and Light, one of the largest electric utilities in the US. Vicki lives in Miami, Florida (USA), speaks Spanish, and loves art, music, and film among many other interests.

Contact: [email protected]

Jenna Maas-de Ries, Project Director

Jenna hopes and strives for a world where anyone can achieve whatever they aim for. She believes education – especially primary education as it covers the basics - is one of the most powerful instruments to build the confidence and skills needed to work towards your dream(s). That is why Jenna is thankful and proud to be part of the e-learning for kids team.

Within the team Jenna is a Project Manager coordinating projects related to translating our curriculum, changing our technical framework, and maintaining our existing courses. In 2011 and 2012, Jenna was the Project Manager for the development of Math World, and together with our amazing volunteers and skilled technical team, laid the foundation for our Online Primary School.

Next to her work for e-learning for kids, Jenna works as a Senior Project Manager in the education and communication industry.

Contact: [email protected]

Michael Williams, Director of e-Lesson Development

Michael serves as the Director of Courseware Development at the foundation and has a background in the academic and electronic publishing arenas, the latter with a focus on e-Learning development. Michael has a Masters Degree in Instructional Design and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Michael uses the e-learning for kids course development process to interface with instructional designers, vendors, and quality assurance personnel to produce engaging, high quality courseware offerings.

Michael resides in Saint Louis, Missouri and has been attracted to e-learning for kids as a way to give back. Michael enjoys the opportunity to help children around the world and is proud to be part of the foundation.

Contact: [email protected]

Marlien van Gent, Project Manager, IB Curriculum

Marlien is responsible for the overall e-Learning development. This includes the coordination of the processes, volunteers for the foundation and instructional design standards. She supports the e-Learning development for e-learning for kids.

Marlien studied Educational Sciences at the University of Utrecht and she also holds a bachelor degree in Primary School Education. She has experience with teaching primary school kids and has several years of experience in e-Learning development. Marlien loves music, sports and traveling. She believes every child in the world has the right to receive a good education, and is proud to be a part of the e-learning for kids foundation.

Contact: [email protected]

Judith Grimbergen, Director International Support 

Judith captures the impact of e-learning for kids "visually" and designs collateral for the foundation. Additionally, she promotes e-learning for kids in various ways.

Judith has a strong interest in child development and has visited a number of schools and projects where e-learning for kids courseware is being used.  She has been teaching the IB curriculum and is currently docent Trends & Styling af different organizations. She holds bachelor degrees in Textile Design, Drawing, Interior Design and a Drs./MA degree in Art History. 

Contact: [email protected]

Jos Marcus, Board Member & Financial Director

In his role as Financial Director for the e-learning for kids foundation, Jos' main job is monitoring all monetary flows and budgets. He continuously keeps the EFK Board informed in order to ensure goals are being optimally met. Another job for him is to regularly inform the supervisory authorities about the ins and outs from varying financial perspectives. Jos studies Business Economics at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. He currently works as a lecturer at Hogeschool Inholland. He obtained a lot of experience concerning innovations in education, including digital education and curriculum development. Besides the above, he also is an author of a number of books. Jos has 3 children who have the opportunity developing their talent. He believes that "all children around the world should have access to high quality education".  In his spare time Jos plays piano and accompanies several children's choirs.

Contact: [email protected] 

Dr. Brian Petersen, Treasurer

Brian serves on the executive team overseeing the financial and tax matters for the US foundation.

Brian is presently the managing partner of inteLogica, Inc. a management consulting firm located in Southern California. He is a graduate of McGill and Concordia Universities located in Montreal, Quebec, where he earned a Doctorate of Philosophy degree in Educational Technology. He also volunteers in promoting and assisting schools in the integration of technology into their schools and curriculum. He hails from Mission Viejo, California (USA).

Contact: [email protected]

Advisory Board

Elliott Masie, The MASIE Center

Elliott is an internationally recognized futurist, analyst, humorist and researcher on the critical topics of technology, business, learning and workplace productivity. He heads The MASIE Center, a think tank focused on organizational learning, and is an advisor to a wide range of government, education and non-profit groups.

Elliott selected the foundation as one of two featured nonprofit organizations at Learning 2005. "e-learning for kids is one of the most important education projects of the past twenty years. The reason why has a simple answer – the future. We're living in an increasingly complicated and ever-changing world. We must provide the next generation with the best possible tools for learning. e-learning for kids is dedicated to the future, making online learning available to children and schools – anywhere and without charge," said Masie.

Prof. dr. Allison Rossett (em), San Diego State University

Allison Rossett, Ed.D. is the Professor Emerita of Educational Technology at San Diego State University. Dr. Rossett is also a consultant in training and technology-based performance, a member of the ASTD International Board of Directors and the HRD Hall of Fame, and the author of several books on e-Learning.

A native New Yorker, ping-pong champion in her youth and yo-yo'er in training, Allison has keynoted at conferences and events all over the world.