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Frequently Asked Questions


Are the courses designed for a specific curriculum?

The design and development of courses are guided by learning topics which are part of the International Baccalaureate curriculum which is used in 138 countries. In addition to this, we have developed a number of courses which supplement a typical primary school curriculum. Many topics are universal in nature (e.g. multiplication) and fit in any primary school curriculum around the world.

How to use e-learning for kids courseware?

Depending on the proficiency level of a child in specific subject areas, as well as the availability and quality of education, the courseware can be used to:

  • Support an existing classroom curriculum
  • Provide additional practice
  • Supplement an existing curriculum
  • Support homeschooling

How do you provide high quality courses?

The e-learning for kids foundation has developed quality standards and guidelines for Instructional Design which are continuingly enhanced based on feedback from teachers and children. We use learning and training professionals for our courseware design and development.

How can I help to improve the courses?

We are striving to make great e-Learning courses but if you have noticed something which can be better in certain courses, please let us know by sending this information to [email protected]

How can I access the courses? What if I don’t have access to the Internet or if it is too expensive or unreliable?

We provide courseware in several ways:

  1. Online:
  2. Offline: via CD-ROMs or a local server. We can provide you with a download link that will allow you to make a CD-ROM for installing the courseware. You can upload the courseware at a local server or install the courses directly from the CD-ROM to your computer. Note: Due to licensing restrictions or the design of the courses, not all the lessons from the courseware are available in this format. For example: many of the Health, Life Skills or English as a Second Language courses are not available offline.
  3. Via our hardware partners who pre-load the EFK courseware on computers

How do I gain access to courses on a CD-ROM or obtain the files for my local server?

You must first agree to the terms of usage/requirements: courses cannot be changed, used commercially, must be accessed free of charge etc. We require an estimation of your expected usage (# of children and # of schools/locations) by filling out the appropriate form on the “Offline Access” page of the EFK site. Steps:

  • Send the completed form to: [email protected]
  • Once this is reviewed and you are approved, we will send you instructions and a link to download the courseware from which you can make a CD-ROM to install on your computers.
  • We will contact you periodically to inform you about new releases. We will, as well, contact you yearly for an update about your usage for our records.

How can I learn to better navigate the EFK site and move between the different curricula and options offered?

We have designed a resource just for this -The Guided Tour!! Please view this demonstration to learn how to access the different curricula we offer, find your desired lesson(s), and navigate the website to find what you need. Several examples will walk you through this process.

What subject areas are available? For what ages? What languages? Is there a master list of lessons to help me plan?

We provide over 700 courses for children ages 5-12 in Math, Science, Language Arts, Computers, English as a Second Language, Environmental, Health and Life Skills. All courses are available in English and several coures are translated and available in Spanish, French, Portuguese and Indian English (voiceover only).

We understand that planning for the best use of the EFK courses is a very important activity and that with so many courses, it would be great to be able to see what is available "at a glance". Based on feedback from NGOs and other users, we have created a full "master list" of the EFK lessons including the topic, grade level(s), course name, link, and the basic skills and concepts covered. We will continue to update/expand this resource to include the non-English languages as well as incorporate any feedback received. Happy planning!

Please see our EFK at-a-glance resource: click here

How about teenagers and older students?

Although our main focus are grades K-6, a separate site called e-Learning for life was launched in 2010 as a branch foundation of e-Learning for kids for young adults (13+). These courses focus on Information and Technology Skills, Life and Career Skills and Learning Innovation. Ther first set of courses focus on computer literacy. We will continue expanding the offerings. Click here to visit the e-Learning for Life site.

Do students need a username and password in order to take courses from the EFK site?

A username and password are not needed for the majority of the courses. For any that may require a password, the password is listed on the website so you do'nt have to contact us.

Can EFK track or contact the students who are taking the courses?

No, our tracking only tells us the country information, the number of unique users, and if they have been on our site before.

Can you provide direct access to a module instead of sending your students to our site?

Absolutely, when you click on a module, you will see an URL. With that specific URL you can provide a student with this specific module.

We would like to have the EFK courses in other languages. Is this possible?

We would be happy evaluating this on a case by case basis. Please email us a plan for translation which includes the following:

  • The number, and selection of e-Lessons you would like to translate
  • Your Quality Assurance process
  • Which companies will be involved in this project
  • The timeline for completing this effort

We will review your plan for translation. If your plan for translation is approved, we will contact you to discuss more details and we will draft a contract outlining the terms. In return for the source code for translation, you need to agree with translating the e-Lessons in the agreed-upon timeframe provided in the plan for translation. You also need to meet the quality standards. After translation, you will provide EFK all the e-Lessons that are going to be published on the e-learning for kids portal. You will make these e-Lessons available at no cost. Please note that e-learning for kids does not have resources (nor the funding) for the translation, the coordination, and the many project management activities required for translations projects.

How will I know when EFK is adding new courses?

Send us an email at [email protected] and we will add you to our newsletter distribution list. New courses are announced periodically in our mailings.

I would like to utilize your offerings with learners. Can you give me guidance on how to effectively use EFK Courseware?

Please access the link below to view a course that we have especially created for Teachers, Administrators, and Parents in order to maximize learner's experiences, help you plan, and get you started! You will learn how students, schools and communities may benefit, how to align EFK subject areas with grade levels, how to create a plan for a successful implementation, and much more! Visit the Effective Use of e-Learning for Kids Courseware offering.

Can you give me detailed examples as to how the courses are used globally?

Eight examples of proven pedagogical usage models include:

Example 1

The teacher will give a brief introduction on a specific topic (e.g. multiplications) in front of the class. After this, the teacher will ask the children to take a specific e-learning for kids course (from the Math curriculum in this example) in small groups or individually. The teacher will walk around, monitor progress, and help children where needed.

Example 2

The teacher will access and launch an e-learning for kids course in front of the class and project the course on a screen for all to see. He/she will ask children related questions and get answers on the various exercises. After the course has been completed in front of the class, the teacher may ask the children to go to their computers in groups or individually and take the same course and/or take a more advanced course on the same topic.

Example 3

The teacher will explain a subject in the class and ask the children to take an e-learning for kids course on this subject as part of their homework. (Depending on the availability of computers at the school, the children can take the course in the computer room at school or in the afterschool care center or other such facility equipped with computers or at home). The teacher will follow up with the children in the classroom and explore if any of them ran into difficulties doing their assignment(s).

Example 4

The teacher requests children who have challenges with specific subjects to take additional e-learning for kids courses (in school or at home) in order to enhance their proficiency level. The courses will provide additional insights into the subject matter as well as practice opportunities.

Example 5

Children who are ahead of the “‘average” child in the class in certain subject areas may be asked to take advanced e-learning for kids courses in certain subject areas to further stimulate their interest and leverage their talent.

Example 6

A number of courses can be recommended by the teacher to children for additional practice of difficult topics. For example, children are asked to take courses on fractions to have more opportunities to develop their competences and skills by completing additional exercises.

Example 7

There might not be enough time in the existing school time/curriculum to develop competences in certain areas which are considered important or of general interest for children (e.g. computer skills, health education, life skills or even learning another language.) The teacher may encourage children to take e-Learning for kids courses in a computer room at school or at home.

Example 8

The e-Learning for kids courses are taken as part of homeschooling. Parents will instruct their child to take a number of courses and provide them with help/support as necessary as a way to supplement the homeschooling requirements.

How can I show that learning has occurred? Do the EFK courses have pre- and post tests?

Testing is not a core focus since most courses are short and are used as supplementary education material. However, there are several ways to proof that learning has occurred from the various exercises and questions that are built into each course. For example:

  • Pre-test: The teacher or parent can review the existing test/questions/objectives and create a pre-test on his/her own prior to the start level of the chil. Note: many courses have the option for remediationwhen the child chooses the wrong answer.
  • Post-test: Many courses have a menu that can allow learners to repeat sections if needed. Nearly all the courses have a certificate that is awarded to the learner for successful completion. This usually means they have answered all the questions correctly as part of the course or have been exposed to information about the correct answer. Thus, if desired, the teacher or parent can print the certificate of the e-Lesson for each student.


The e-learning for kids courses are used by teachers or parents not only as a way to supplement formal curriculum opportunities as described above, but also by making learning “fun”, allow children to learn at their own pace, and informally teach them to take charge/be in control of their own learning.


What are the minimum system requirements for running the courseware?
  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • RAM: At least 512 MB
  • Flash Player: Flash Player 8 or above
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: 7.0, 8.0 (recommended), 9.0
  • VGA Monitor Resolution: 1024 X 728 px.
  • Processor: Pentium IV 1.6 GHz
  • Speaker and sound drivers installed
  • Plug-ins: Flash MX2004
  • Settings: Set privacy settings to medium or medium-high. Accept third-party cookies and allow session cookies. Enable JavaScript.
  • Popup blocker: Enabled

Do the EFK courses run on the Macintosh Operating System?

Some courses work on Mac computers, but others do not as some courses were not developed for Mac computers. Also, some Mac computers may have different configurations. It is recommended to take the courses on Microsoft compatible PC machines with the above system requirements.

I found a problem or bug in one of the courses. What should I do?

We do our best to ensure our EFK courses are reviewed and bug free. But if you find an error, please contact us at [email protected] with the following information so you can help us to solve the problem:

  • Name of the course
  • Browser that you were using
  • Explain the problem
  • Explain the section of the course where the error occurred. (You can make a Print Screen of the problem by pressing the Print Screen button on the keyboard.)

Note: Sometimes your Flash Player settings or your pop-up blocker are not enabled. Before taking any course make sure that both of these options are enabled.

What if I do not have Flash Player on my machine?

You can get the latest Flash Player by clicking on the below link:

Once you have downloaded the Flash Player, you have to refresh the current webpage, the flash content will be displayed.

How do I enable Flash Player Security settings?
  1. Access the below URL from the Adobe’s site:
  2. Confirm that the “Always allow” radio button is selected
  3. Now click on the “Edit locations” drop down and click on the “Add Location” hyperlink
  4. Add the complete path of the directory where the course launch page resides. Do not add the path including the “Launch.html” page For example, if the launch page resides on the path “D:\[Course Folder Name]\[launch page of the course] “, then add the location “D:\ [Course Folder Name]\” or make the settings for the entire drive, “D:\
  5. Click on the Confirm button. Close the browser and launch the course again

Do the EFK courses run on a Learning Management System and are they SCORM compliant?

No. The EFK courses are not SCORM compliant, but you can host them on a Learning Management System through our Offline Usage option.

Is there a preferred browser to use when taking the EFK courses? Does it matter if using a PC or a MAC?

Since the majority of the EFK courses use Macromedia Flash software, it is recommended that courses are taken via the Firefox and/or Internet Explorer browsers as the Safari browser may not support some of the necessary plug-ins for displaying content or for course navigation.


I am new to EFK. I would like a detailed document to help me plan, execute and manage a successful implementation of EFK.

We have a very detailed document just for this purpose! Please view the EFK Implementation Guide to help you plan your implementation, set up your computer environment, help you use the EFK lessons and learn about additional resources and partners of EFK. We highly recommend that ALL EFK user organizations familiarizee themselves with this document and follow all the processes, guidelines and suggested recommendations.

I would like to have a summarized version of the EFK Implementation Guide to be able to share with others. Do you have anything I can use?

Yes! We have created a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the Best Practices described in the more detailed EFK Implementation Guide described above. Please feel free to share this EFK Best Practices Guide with others!

Is there a more interactive, narrated version of the EFK Best Practices Guide?

Yes again! If you would like to share with others a narrated version of the EFK Best Practices Guide, we have created a more interactive version of the same content as the PowerPoint presentation and have also added audio. Please view our EFK Best Practices Lesson today!


What is the official legal status of the foundation?

e-learning for kids is both a US 501C(3) non-profit organization as well as a Dutch Legal Stichting.

How is the foundation funded?

e-learning for kids is entirely funded by the donations of sponsors, organizations and individuals. Please consider making a tax deductive contribution today. Your donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

In which countries are the courses being used?

We are very pleased that courses have been used by over 17 million children in approximately 190 countries in both the developing and developed world (cumulative numbers end of 2016). This indicates that children around the world can benefit from the same high quality courseware/lessons.

How can I learn more about the foundation and how can I help?

Please visit or you can email [email protected] If you have a question about a specific area, you can also email directly the appropriate person from our team as listed in the “About Us” section. For a quick look at who we are, what we do, and how we do it, please view the EFK brochure in the “About Us” section. For general ideas as: how to help, please see the “Get Involved” section.

Note: As courseware is at the heart of what we do, we are always in need of skilled professional Instructional Designers who can help us creating one or more storyboards for courses. If you are qualified for this role and have 20-30 hours to volunteer, please let us know!

Can you use our logo on your website and in your programs and materials?

Yes, you are more than welcome to use our logo in either print or electronic format. With this you are helping us spreading the word so we can reach more parents, teachers and students around the world! For example: you can add our logo on posters to promote the courses. You may also add it on your website linking back to our home page. To get a copy, right click on our logo from our website and save it. If you need a higher resolution version of the logo, contact us at [email protected] and we'll email you one.

I am a for-profit organization and would like to work with EFK. Can I do this?

Yes. EFK works with a variety of for-profit companies. We would need to learn more about you and discuss in further details to see how we can work together for mutual benefit. Below are three examples of how we might work with you:


  1. You would add the EFK logo to your site and link directly to our website for access to our courseware.
  2. You would add the EFK logo on your site and host our courses on your LMS or servers.
  3. You would translate our courses and then host them on your servers (and EFK can also make them available for free). This is only offered on a limited basis as it is a serious commitment for all and involves time and funding and quality control and can only be pursued if the organization is serious and if EFK has the time to devote to this (in addition to its current priorities and deadlines). If so, we will work out a contract with you and an agreed-upon fee.