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There are so many ways to share our vision and make it a reality!

e-learning for kids is actively seeking collaboration with innovative e-Learning and gaming vendors and experts to share courseware and content; with business, e-Learning, educational, and children's media and associations for outreach; with experts and authors in childhood education for articles, and with volunteers who want to share their time in any area. We can customize sponsorship programs according to your specific goals and contributions. Or consider a direct donation to accelerate our progress.

Get involved

Volunteer your time. Develop a storyboard for an e-Lesson

In this animated video we explain how you can help us create new learning courses.


Our all-volunteer staff consists of committed education and e-Learning experts and business professionals from around the world. Team members develop and source e-Learning courseware, marshal resources for educational content, collaborate with other educational foundations, reach out to corporations and associations for funding and sponsorships, and build awareness among schools and the media.

Introduce e-learning for kids at schools

We rely on parents and teachers to introduce e-learning for kids at schools around the world.

  • Post one of our posters or flyers around a school. Download poster or flyer.
  • Share our brochure with others;
  • Send an email about us to your family and friends;
  • Follow us and like us on social media;
  • Blog about e-Learning for kids;
  • Put our on other portals.

Introduce e-learning for kids in your Company CRS Initiatives

  • Fund the development of one  e-Lesson or curriculum;
  • Fund the translation of an e-Lesson;
  • Launch an employee matching program;
  • Make a donation to e-learning for kids when employees in your organization complete internal e-Learning lessons;
  • Become a corporate sponsor.

Make a Donation

e-learning for kids is relying on donations from individuals and corporations to achieve its goal.

  • Make a secure and tax deductible donation via Paypal.